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For quick and easy usage, the WBS Editor is designed for editing WBS trees using the keyboard. The different keyboard shortcuts (not including the intuitive ones as using the arrow keys, Home and End for navigation in the tree), are listed in the help bar to the right of the WBS area. See the Help menu for more information.

If you encounter red exclamation marks in your WBS: Those are signs that something isn't quite as it should be in your WBS. Head to the Plausibilites page for more information.

There are a couple of things that aren't directly mentioned in that help, and that aren't directly available through the Node context menu either:
  • Inserting a child node under a node which either has already been published to TFS, or which has a resource and remaining work assigned to it, is normally not "allowed". Non-Leaf node must not have work assigned to them, and their publishing isn't necessary. In this case, WBS Editor will ask whether you want to create a new parent node and insert the current node underneath that node instead:
Special inserting case
(Please note that this will render a temporary plausibility because the newly created parent node only has one child node; adding another child node would resolve this plausibility check)
  • Another thing you can't do with the keyboard is moving a node from one parent node to another. As the WBS Editor does not support Copying and Pasting, the only way to accomplish this is by using drag & drop. Simply click the node you want to move and drop it onto the new parent node. It will be inserted as the last child node, and may then be moved up and down in the child node list as needed.

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