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The WBS Document properties quickedit panel contains crucial information on the current project:

WBS Properties

The title of the project. This string is displayed in the title bar of the WBS Editor, and, more important, in the MRU list (see File menu).

The TID should contain unique a project identifier which will be used when publishing Work Items (see Team menu). The TID can be a code name, or some other identifier, depending on your business demands. Note: It is not a good idea to leave this blank. Your Work Items will look strange. Example Code Names:
  • SP67-X (may be some kind of internal identifier)
  • Longhorn
  • Aurora...
Work Item titles will have this identifier as a first part of the title, then adding a WBS code and the actual title of the work item. Examples work item titles:
  • SP67-X: WP 3.4.1 - Implement UI for billing assistant
  • SP67-X: WP 7.1 - Smoke testing and Setup last-minute fixing
  • ...
See also Preferences dialog.

The owner of the project. This is for informational purposes only.

Link to the concept
A link of some kind to a concept or document describing the project in more detail. This is an optional field for informational purposes only.

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