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When displaying/rendering a WBS onto screen/printer/image, different colors and elements are used. This page describes what the different elements are and what they mean.

WBS Display properties
  • Total Work progress: The green bar on the Root node shows the overall progress of the project, as a ratio between (remaining work)/(remaining+completed work), accumulated over all nodes in the WBS tree
  • Work Item Title: The title of the work item/inner node
  • WBS code: The work breakdown structure code of a work item/inner node
  • Inner node progress: Progress bar for the overall progress of a sub-tree. This progress bar may have a different color (see Preferences dialog) than the normal progress bars
  • Work Item progress: See Total work progress, for a single work item
  • Assignee: To whom a work item is assigned
  • Remaining work: The amount of work remaining for a work item/sub-tree/as a total for the project
  • Collapsed node: Collapsed node (see View menu) are displayed in a different colors than normal nodes.

Further, search results and highlighted nodes (see Toolbar) are also displayed in different colors.

Published nodes

Published nodes additionally contain the work item ID:
  • Nodes that have been published to TeamSystem are displayed with a thicker frame
  • The corresponding work item ID is displayed in the top right corner, prefixed with a # sign

See here for more information on node types:

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