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The WBS Editor toolbar contains some functionality that is only available over the toolbar:

WBS Editor Toolbar

Open XML File
Same as in the File menu.

Same as in the File menu; saves either to a file (if the WBS is an XML file) or saves to the Root node (if the root node is published).

Same as in the File menu.

Refresh all
Same as in the Team menu.

Resource highlight dropdown
The resource highlight combo box enables you to select a resource used in the WBS and highlight all nodes to which this resource has been assigned. By selecting the empty string ("") in the drop down list, you can see which leaf nodes has not yet been assigned. Inner nodes will not be highlighted, even if they have been assigned to a resource. To quit highlighting, select "(no highlighting)" in the drop down list.

Team Project
The currently selected Team Project. This combo box is only active if you have previously connected to a Team Foundation Server. See Team menu. The selected Team Project will be used as default for all functions making use of a Team Project, like Generation and Analysis or Browse for Work Item. Additionally, when publishing, Work Items (Tasks) will be created in this Team Project.

The Team Project Iteration. When changing the Team Project, please make sure you have still selected the correct iteration; Iterations are Team Project dependant. The selected iteration will be used as content for the Iteration field when publishing Work Items (Tasks). The publishing feature will display a warning message before publishing stating the currently selected Team Project and Iteration.

Interactive Search
Type something into this text box in order to search for the string within the titles of the nodes in the WBS tree. The nodes will be highlighted immediately when typing (interactive search). In order to remove the search highlight, either empty the search text box, or uncheck the search button. You may also check the search button again to re-search for the currently set search text. You may customize the search highlight color by using the Preferences dialog.

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