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Note: Most functions in this menu require that you have first connected to a Team Foundation Server. See below.

Load from Work Item..
Same as in the File menu: The Load XML menu item opens a file dialog which enables the user to load an XML document containing a WBS definition. If there are unsaved changes in the current WBS, the user is asked whether he wants to save the current changes or not.

Browse for Work Item...
If you don't know the ID of a WBS defintion work item, the Browse for Work Item function will assist you in finding the desired work item ID.

Publish all...
This function will publish Work Items for all the Leaf nodes in the WBS tree. You will be asked whether you want to publish the WBS tree to a Work Item (the Root node) aswell, and WBS Editor will display a summary message box showing in which Team Project and in which Iteration the Work Items will be created. You can also use this function if you want to publish newly added work items/leaf nodes in the WBS node. Note: This will really create 'Task' Work Item on your Team Foundation Server, so be careful.

Re-Publish titles
This function will re-publish the titles of all Work Items that have already been published. A work item title normally consists of the TID, a Work Item Prefix string, the WBS code (x.y.z....) and the title of the work item. If you have re-arranged work items/nodes in your tree, the titles obviously do no longer match the position in the tree. This function remedies that. It also gives WBS compatible titles to work items you have not created with the WBS Editor, but instead attached to a node (see below).

Refresh all
This function scans all published nodes and re-reads the information in the work item to update the WBS definition. This is the function you normally make use of when tracking the progress of your project. Work Item titles, Assignees and most importantly, remaining and completed work are updated and displayed in the WBS.

Work Item Grid (new as of 2.4.0)
This function gives you the possibility to batch work items in the WBS; a dialog with a grid with all published work items is displayed. In this grid, also fields like "Assigned To", "Iteration", "Remaining Work" and "Completed Work" may be edited (which is not possible using the Quick Edit feature). Note: Prior to openinng the work item grid, the WBS Editor will need to do a full "Refresh all" (see above) on all work items in order to retrieve the latest data from the database.

Publish node
This is the same as with "Publish all", but only a single node is published using this function. This menu option is only available if a node has been selected in the WBS. It will publish that selected node.

Refresh node
As "Refresh all", but only with a single node. Will re-read the information on the node from a published work item. This menu option is only available if (a) a node has been selected, and (b) the selected node has already been published.

Open work item
Opens the Work Item Dialog (from Team System) for a published node. This menu option is also only available if (a) there is a selected node, and (b) this node has already been published to Team System.

Attach to Work Item
By using the command, you can attach an already existing work item (by its ID) to a node in your WBS. It is also possible to re-attach a published node. Note: Please be careful with "orphan" tasks when doing this. The "old" task will still remain in TeamSystem, and will probably both have remaining work attached to it, and a person assigned to it.

Generation and Analysis
See page Generation and Analysis.

Connect to Team Foundation Server...
Pops up the following dialog (which ought to be quite self-explanatory):
TFS connect dialog

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