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Once WBS Editor is installed, there are two possibilities to start the application:
  • Clicking the application shortcut
  • Using wbsedit:// URLs to start the application and automatically load a WBS from a TFS work item
At the moment, there are no other possible command line options. Either the first argument starts with "wbsedit://" (from an URL call), or WBS Editor assumes that the first given parameter is a WBS XML file.

Using the wbsedit:// URL prefix
In order to link to a WBS from within other documents or web pages, use the following syntax
  • wbsedit://<Work Item ID>, e.g. wbsedit://12345
WBS Editor will then automatically request a connection to a TFS and then load the WBS from the Work Item with the given ID. This is especially useful when linking from concepts or project documentation, e.g. from Excel sheets or Word documents.

Note: SharePoint web pages will not accept the wbsedit:// protocol prefix out-of-the-box; they will be stripped out. Contact your local SharePoint administrator to find out whether you can enable this or not.

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