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Whenever WBS Editor is referring to "Work", it means work in person days. This must not be confused with the duration of the task, which may differ substantially from the amount of work needed to accomplish the task.

WBS Editor relies on the fields "Remaining Work" and "Completed Work" to be used during the daily work on the project. Those fields are mapped to the corresponding fields in the Team System Work Items (Tasks):
  • Remaining and Completed Work are initially written to newly created tasks when publishing a WBS to Team System (see Team menu)
  • Reamining and Completed Work fields are refreshed from the published work items when invoking the "Refresh all" function (also Team menu).

This enables a supervisor/project coordinator to have a constantly up-to-date view of the project state without having to ask each project member and/or without the need to perform queries directly by Work Item queries.

The bars which are displayed as progress bars (see WBS Display) also rely on those two fields being filled with sensible values. Only if both fields are filled, the ratio between remaining and completed work (and thus total work) can be calculated. If only "Remaining Work" is altered during the implementation of the project, the estimate of the finish date will still be correct, but the total amount of work invested in the project will be lost.

Note: Currently, it is not possible to choose other units than "Person Days" for use in the WBS Editor. Sounds like a nice feature request, doesn't it?

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