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The "Preferences" dialog contains three tabs with a couple of different options:
Plausibilities tab
Plausibilites tab
  • Check work breakdown structure plausibilities option: Check or uncheck in order to switch on or off the plausibility checking on WBS trees in the application
  • Print plausibility mark when printing option: Check in order to also print the plausibility exclamation marks when printing; by default, this is switched off, and plausibilities are only checked when displaying the WBS inside the application. This option also applies to the image export (see File menu).

Display tab
Display tab
  • Font family: Enables you to select a different font for rendering text in the WBS, for display, printing and exporting purposes. "Arial" is the default, "Arial Narrow" is a good alternative.
  • Colors: By using these options you may customize the rendering of the colors in the WBS. See WBS display for further information on the usage of the different colors.
  • Reset button: Use this button in order to reset the colors to their defaults.

Publishing tab
Publishing tab
  • Work Item Prefix string: This is a string which is inserted into the Title string when publishing Work Items to Team System (see Team menu). Look the sample work item title to see how the sample title changes when changing this string.

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