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The node context menu contains the following menu items:

Quick edit
Displays the quick edit dialog which allows for wuick editing of work item node properties. Some properties can only be changed before a work item is published, such as Siggnee and Remaining and Completed Work. If you want to change the values of these fields after publishing, please alter the corresponding work item in TeamSystem insetad. You can open the work item dialog by using the "Open work item" menu item in this context menu. The quick edit panel also contains a button, either to publish a work item, or to open the Team System work item dialog, depending on whether the node has been published or not.

Batch edit
Opens the Batch edit dialog.

Show workload information
Opens the Workload Information dialog for the selected node and its children (the current sub-tree).

Insert child node
Inserts a child node under the currently selected node.

Eliminate node
Use this function to eliminate a parent node which only has a single child node. Only applicable to nodes which aren't published and which only have exactly one single child node:
Eliminate node

Deletes the currently selected node. This is only possible, if (a) the selected node is not the Root node, and (b) the selected node does not have any child nodes. If the node has already been published, you will be asked to confirm the operation, and you will have the possibility to reset the Assignee, Remaining Work and set the task state to 'Closed'.

Move node up
Moves the currently selected node upwards in its parent child node list.

Mode node down
Moves the currently selected node downwards in its parent child node list.

Collapse/Expand node
Expands collapsed nodes, collapses expanded nodes. Only has an effect if the selected node has child nodes.

Open work item
Opens the TeamSystem Work Item dialog for direct access to all fields stored in the Team System database. Use this option in order to change "Assigned To", "Remaining Work" and "Completed Work" after you have published a work item. After you have opened the work item dialog, the node will automatically be refreshed in the WBS definition (see Team menu, Refresh node).

Publish work item
Use this menu item in order to publish a single work item. Corresponds with "Publish node" in the Team menu.

Refresh work item
Use this menu item in order to refresh a single work item. Corresponds with "Refresh node" in the Team menu.

Attach to work item
Use this menu item in order to attach a node to a work item. Corresponds with "Attach to work item" in the Team menu.

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