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A leaf node is a node in a WBS tree which is not the root node, and which does not have any child nodes. A leaf node has the following properties:
  • A leaf node corresponds to a work item, corresponds to a work package (task)
  • Leaf nodes may be published to Team System; in that case they correspond to exactly one Team System Work Item (TFS Task)
  • Leaf nodes should have remaining work and/or completed work
  • Leaf nodes should be assigned to a resource

Summary: Leaf nodes are the nodes which are in turn visible (after publishing) in Team System. They are the only nodes which - on an atomar level - have work assigned to them and in which the work is actually tracked. If work has been done on a specific work item, the person who did the work should be obliged to edit and update the Remaining and Completed Work fields in that specific work item.

Other node types:

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