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The installation of the WBS Editor is simple: Just install the application using the installation program "setup.exe". The setup routine is based on a normal MSI installation package and thus may be uninstalled using the normal Windows functions.

The WBS Editor has the following prerequisites:
  • Using a Team Foundation Server 2005 or 2008
    • Visual Studio Team Explorer 2005
  • Using a Team Foundation Server 2010
    • Visual Studio Team Explorer 2005 SP1 including the Patch for accessin a TFS 2010 server

It is unknown whether the application will work without an installed Team Explorer 2005, but I suspect this is not the case (please give feedback).

When using the TFS Integration, the WBS Editor relies on the following assumptions on the Team Project used:
  • There is a Work Item Type 'Task'
  • The 'Task' work item type contains field definitions for
    • Remaining Work
    • Completed Work
The WBS Editor will work without problems with Team Projects using the MSFT Agile template (or a derivative of that template).

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