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Do you keep track of your project progress using the Remaining and Completed Work fields? Are you tracking multiple projects on a single Team Project with multiple WBS?

Then the "Generation and Analysis" features are for you.

Check this out:

Generate personalized WBS

Generate Personalized WBS

This function genertes a personalized, read-only, WBS for a specific person. The WBS will list all tasks that are assigned to a resource for a specific Iteration, nicely arranged after the WBS that are found for this Iteration. The function even takes bugs and tasks into account which are not part of a WBS; as long as their "remaining work" fields are correctly filled, this will give a good overview of a person's needed efforts for a specific iteration.

Generate Iteration Workload Chart

Generate Iteration Workload Chart

This function generates a column chart with the remaining work for all resources found in any WBS tasks or other task in a specific iteration. If the "remaining work" fields are filled in all matching work items in Team System, this will give a one-shot overview of all the efforts needed by each resource for a specific iteration. This will enable a project manager to quickly assess who is going to have too much work to be done for a specific deadline.

The chart offers drill-down into the corresponding sub-project WBS definitions, or, for orphan tasks, into the personalized WBS (read-only):

Iteration Workload Chart (clickable)

Killer tool for project managers and/or lead developers.

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