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Load XML
The Load XML menu item opens a file dialog which enables the user to load an XML document containing a WBS definition. If there are unsaved changes in the current WBS, the user is asked whether he wants to save the current changes or not

Load from Work Item...
This menu item is only active if the user has previously connected to a Team Foundation Server. The menu item opens a dialog box which enables the user to enter a Work Item ID of a work item which contains a WBS definition. See also Browse for Work Item.

Saves the WBS definition. If the WBS was loaded from an XML file, and the root node is not yet published, "Save" will save to that XML file. If the WBS definition has not been saved at all yet, "Save" will behave like "Save XML As...". If the root node has been published to TFS, "Save" will update the WBS definition in that work item.

Save XML As...
Saves the WBS definition to an XML file. Please note: Saving a WBS definition in which the root node is already published to a TFS, may render unexpected results, e.g. that a consecutive "Save" would still save to the Work Item (instead of to the XML file).

Recent WBS
Contains a list of four (4) recently used WBS definitions, both XML files and Work Item IDs. Click one to load a specific WBS definition. If you have to connect to a TFS first, the Team Foundation Connection dialog will pop up automatically.

Prints the WBS to a Windows printer. The WBS will always be printed as large as possible, depending on the size of the paper used. Landscape/portrait orientation is seleced automatically by the application. There is no way to scale the output; if you feel the urge to do that, use one of the export features (e.g. the EMF export).

Export as PNG...
Exports the WBS definition as a PNG picture. The fashion in which this is performed is depending on the current view of the WBS in the application itself. No scaling is possible, WYSIWYG is the thing. Note that you may use the View menu to alter the way the WBS is rendered (size).

Export as EMF...
Exports the WBS definition as a vectgor based EMF image (Enhanced MetaFile). This comes handy when you want to embed the WBS into a document, e.g. a Word Document, or if you want to print the WBS in a different manner (scaled, e.g. using an application like CorelDRAW!).

Export as MPX...
Use this men uitem to make an attempt to export an MPX file which may (or may not) be imported into Microsoft Project and/or other Project Management applications. There are several known limitations for this feature, mentioned here.

Displays the document properties quickedit control.

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