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This is a free text list for collecting ideas for new features in the WBS Editor.

Task list for tasks not yet in WBS
Pane with a grid view, similar to Batch edit, where you can enter new tasks without having to insert them into the WBS directly. Drag & drop support for dragging the tasks into the WBS (dropping them into the WBS removes them from the list). Vice versa: Dropping WBS nodes into the task list removes them from the WBS and shows them in the task list instead.

An undo feature would be really nice.

WBS History browsing
A feature which lets the user browse through the history of the WBS, seeing each version of the WBS and being able to revert to an older version. This really shouldn't be too difficult to realize due to the fact that the TFS already stores a history of the Root node's Work Item. Feature only for WBS in TFS.

Implemented features from this list
  • Cutting and Pasting: Implemented as of version 2.3.0

Publish work item of specified type
1) create node
2) edit node (e.g. through quick details)
- specify work item type (e.g. bug, issue, ...)
3) publish node

expected : published work item is of specified type (currently, 'task' type is default for all published work items)

Work item drill down functionallity
Feature would let user to dbl-click work item with child nodes which would draw only that parent node and its child items.

TFS 2010 - auto create tree directly from hierarchical items

User would connect to TFS2010 and WBS would automatically show current hierarchical items structure.
E.g. when using scrum or msf for agile process template, this feature would display user stories as nodes
and tasks associated to each user story as leaves (for selected iteration/area).

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