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WBS Editor is written in C# 4.0 (using .NET 4.0) using Visual Studio 2010. Thus, Visual Studio 2010 is a prerequisite.
In order to compile the WBS Editor, you will need a couple of Assemblies which are used in the application:
  • The TFS 2010 API assemblies
  • Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET 3.5
    • Download here:
    • In case the WBS Editor still doesn't find the reference to the System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.dll assembly, try giving a hint path, or re-reference the assembly from the installation location:
    • C:\<Program files>\Microsoft Chart Controls\Assemblies
    • Note: Even if the Chart Control installer requires an installed .NET 3.5, the assemblies themselves only require .NET 2.0 to work. The information I have is that the chart controls are only tested using .NET 3.5, but the target runtime is still .NET 2.0, and that you don't have to expect problems when deploying to a .NET 2.0 target.

In case you encounter larger problems, please let me know so that we can improve this page further for easier developer setup.

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