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The batch edit control enables you to edit multiple child nodes of a node in a data grid. In order to see this functionality, either press the right mouse button (to see the Node context menu) on the node of which you want to edit/add/delete child nodes and select "Batch Edit", or select a node and press Ctrl+Ins:

Batch edit control

A row in the grid represents a child node in the WBS; adding, deleting etc. will also add/delete nodes in the tree. Changes to the tree will not be saved until you close the batch edit panel; if you don't explicitly press "OK" or "Cancel", WBS Editor will ask whether to save or discard the changes.

The batch edit mode has the same restrictions as the quick edit panel:
  • If a node has been published, you will only be able to change its title, not the remaining and completed work, and not the assignee

Additionally, the batch edit panel has the following (annoying) restriction:
  • There is no drop-down list for the Assigned To field (this is due to a restriction in the Windows Forms DataViewComboBoxCell class: It won't allow for field values that are not contained in the drop down list, which is a no-go here. If someone has a brilliant idea on how to solve this elegantly, please contact me).

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