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Project Description
WBS Editor makes it simple to create Work Breakdown Structures. It offers seamless integration of WBS in a Team Foundation Server environment, allowing to store WBS information in Work Items. Further, it offers Iteration workload analysis features and personalized WBS analysis.


The WBS Editor was written at Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG; we also have other tools for free usage and download, please have a look at our landing page here at CodePlex:

Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG

The WBS Editor was created out of the need to have some structure in work we had to do. We had the following situation:
  • A lot of developers
  • Many different things/projects/features to work on
  • Deadlines which had to be kept
We were facing the following problems:
  • A full-blown MS Project plan on every single development task was far too difficult to maintain
  • It was difficult to track the progress on different features
  • Seeing the entire effort needed to fulfill a software project at a glance was also difficult

By using the WBS Editor on a daily basis in our team here at, we are able to...
  • Structure the work to be done, build and keep an at-a-glance overview of the different features
  • Track our progress in an easy way
  • Track the overall progress on our way to a specific target iteration (target version)
    • Find resources that have too much workload
    • Browse into the different projects and find where chokepoints are
  • ... all with the backend of Microsoft Team Foundation Server

Short guided tour in screenshots

A couple of screen shots which show some of the main functionality of the WBS Editor:

Screenshot of the Main Screen
This image shows the main screen of the WBS Editor, with a simple work breakdown structure displayed.

Iteration Workload Chart
The Iteration Workload Chart feature is useful for a quick view of all tasks and WBS for a specific Iteration.

Workload information dialog
This dialog shows the workload in the WBS.

Team Foundation Server integration menu
Menu items of the Team menu showing the different options you have when interacting with the Team Foundation Server.

Node Quick edit mode
The quick edit panel of a WBS node.

Node context menu
A WBS node's context menu showing commands, options and actions on a node.

Child nodes Batch edit mode
The batch edit feature enables quick editing/adding of multiple child nodes of a WBS node.

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